Blackrock TCP Capital Corp (the “Company”) generates qualified interest income and short-term capital gains that may be exempt from United States withholding tax when distributed to non-U.S. holders. The U.S. tax law permits a regulated investment company (“RIC”) to designate the portion of distributions paid that represent interest-related dividends (commonly referred to as qualified interest income) and short-term capital gain dividends as exempt from U.S. withholding tax when paid to non-U.S. shareholders with proper documentation.

QII information provided below is estimated based on the Company’s activity to-date as of the dates below. The distributions that have been identified by the Company as exempt from U.S. withholding tax are disclosed in the table below. The information is subject to change.

As applicable, the Company reports the final tax character of its distributions for U.S. federal income tax purposes annually to stockholders on Internal Revenue Service Form 1042-S issued after the end of the year. Annual tax character of distributions disclosures can be found here.

We recommend that you consult a professional tax adviser for further information.

Declared Ex-Date Record Payable Amount Type